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What is PARCC?

PARCC is a new statewide assessment designed to measure student achievement under the Common Core State Standards adopted by New Jersey in 2010. It replaces NJASK and HSPA and relies more heavily on questions that encourage applied thinking rather than fill-in-the-bubble multiple choice.

The PARCC assessments are aligned to the Common Core standards and were created to measure students' ability to apply their knowledge of concepts rather than memorizing facts. The PARCC assessments require students to solve problems using mathematical reasoning and to be able to model mathematical principles. In English Language Arts (ELA), students will be required to closely read multiple passages and to write essay responses in literary analysis, research tasks and narrative tasks. The assessments will also provide teachers and parents with valuable information on student progress to inform instruction and provide targeted student support in school and at home.

What are the Common Core State Standards?

The Common Core State Standards, adopted by the New Jersey State Board of Education in
2010, define grade-level expectations from kindergarten through high school for what
students should know and be able to do in English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics to
be successful in college and careers.

The Common Core standards:

  • Set clear and consistent standards for every student;
  • Foster students' development of critical thinking skills and ability to solve real-world problems rather than memorize facts;
  • Are benchmarked to academic standards from the highest performing countries;
  • Are the same standards that students will be tested on when they take the SAT or
  • ACT college entrance exams.
  • How Were the Common Core Standards Developed?

The National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) led the development of the Common Core State Standards with the participation of educators, curriculum experts, school administrators and higher education faculty. The standards have been voluntarily adopted by a majority of the states.

To learn more about the PARCC assessment:

We Raise NJ is a broad coalition led by the New Jersey PTA that supports parents in navigating recent changes to our children's education. The coalition's first initiative is, Best Foot Forward providing objective information, tools and resources on the PARCC assessment.

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