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Better Education for Kids (B4K)
advocates for the policy and political environment to ensure high quality educational opportunities for all kids throughout New Jersey.

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Zip codes should not determine the quality of a child’s education. B4K’s core belief is that all students, regardless of where they live, deserve the same high quality teachers and instruction, and the same opportunity for a successful future.

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AQ: NJ's 2019/2020 Graduation Dilemma

Feb 01, 2019 Blog: Katlin Stansfield –

As of December 31, 2018, 170,000 New Jersey High school juniors and seniors have no clear path to graduate from high school. This unforeseen event came when an Appellate Court ruled the current path to graduation was out of compliance with the state's graduation requirement law. The law declares tha...

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Education Advocates Strongly Urge Passage of Legislation Clarifying High School Graduation Test Requirements

Jan 28, 2019 B4K

High school graduation assessments (tests) are key tool to ensuring college and workforce ready studentsExecutive Director for Better Education for Kids Shelley Skinner and Executive Director of JerseyCAN Patricia Morgan issued the following statement regarding the Appellate Court's stay of its Dece...

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Better Education

Better Education Institute is a non-profit that supports the empowerment of families throughout New Jersey by providing beneficial programs and resources to communities that face educational and economic challenges.

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