Why does the New Jersey public school system need improvement?

It is often said that NJ ranks among the top states in performance on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), also known as the “Nation’s Report Card.” However, simply measuring NJ against other states does not capture the reality of the 21st-century global economy or the economic and educational advances of other countries. As a nation, our students are falling behind other nations on international assessments. New Jersey must improve its education system to preserve our economic preeminence in the world and provide for a better future for all our citizens.

Just as troubling, is the promise of excellence in our schools is not fulfilled for all our students. New Jersey has one of the highest achievement gaps in the country. We have made progress in closing this gap, but more needs to be done.

Lastly, several studies of the NJ education system by nationally recognized education research institutions tell us the plain truth: our education system is not as good as we believe and there is significant room for improvement.