Quality education: A community commitment

Parent involvement is essential in the development of a child’s success. By empowering parents to become more involved in the decisions concerning their child’s education they are afforded a higher quality connection between home and school. 

Parents Engaging Parents Website

Parents Engaging Parents is a community for parents and guardians that want to advocate for the educational rights of children in New Jersey. These empowering discussions - led by New Jersey parent Altorice Frazier and featuring education experts - range from how we can develop more teachers of color, to how to become a full partner in your child’s educational life. Listen to our most recent episode and explore our archive; we’re sure you’ll be inspired to improve the educational experience of our children!


How to get involved

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

PTA’s mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

If your school does not have a PTO learn how to start one: PTO Today

JerseyCan advocates for all students across the state to have access to excellent schools. Our goal is to ensure that every student in New Jersey graduates from high school ready to enroll and succeed in college and their career.

New Jersey Department of Education holds monthly state board of education meetings that are open to the public. Checking the agenda on the above website and going to the meetings that most interest you can help build your knowledge on current events happening in education across the state. 

Memphis Lift Parents

The Memphis Lift is a people’s campaign to build widespread awareness of the criminal manner in which many Memphis school children are undeserved, and to build widespread demand for high quality schools and radical changes in public education to disrupt systematic educational inequity through choice and healthy competition.

Parents Engaging Parents (PEP)

A BEI led group whose main focus is to educate and empower parents/guardians to be an active participant in their children’s education.

What We Have Done

December 2015 Lobby Day in Trenton

BEI partnered with New Jersey Charter School Association (NJCSA), effectiveness KIPP NJ, JerseyCAN, Uncommon Schools, and Newark Charter School Foundation (NCSF) to successfully mobilize over 100 parents from across the state down to Trenton. This initiative allowed parents to expand their knowledge on what decisions were being made about their child’s school and to meet the people making those decisions face-to-face. Split into sub groups, parents held conversations with legislators, allowing them to voice their concerns directly and more personally. They were able to sit in on committee discussions and testify their opinions if they desired. This initiative simply provided these parents the platform to reach their legislator directly and have their voices heard.

August 2016 – NJ Parent Summit

Being a pro-parent option organization, BEI, partnering with other organizations, held a weekend-long Parent Summit for district and public charter parents to attend. These individuals came together due to their concern for their child’s education and the desire to become more involved in the decisions being made about the education system. The summit informed parents on NJ education, education politics and policies, and allowed for an open dialogue on the many challenges parents face at home and in school. Panel discussions made up of various individuals were held as were networking opportunities like the Gala and cocktail hour. Open-conversation, empowerment, and the child’s best interest were main focus of the Parent Summit.

February 2017 – 2nd Lobby Day in Trenton

Partnering again with the same organizations, BEI was able to mobilize over 220 parents from across the state down to Trenton for another day of interacting with state leaders. In addition to visiting the state house and speaking with elected officials, some legislators met us outside of the state house to discuss the issues that mattered most to parents and answer any questions they may have.

Parent - Teacher roundtables

B4K hosted a roundtable event which promoted an open discussion between district teachers and parents about educational concerns and challenges they face.

August 2017 – 2nd Annual NJ Parent Summit

Garnering over double the attendance of last year, over 200 parents from all over the state, the 2017 NJ Parent Summit was a huge success. Partnering with KIPP NJ in addition to the help of sponsors we were able to hold 23 workshops and have special guests attend. Topics were covered from Building Partnerships between District and Charter Parents to College Awareness and Planning in addition to classes like Lobbying 101. The NJ Parent Summit was also honored to host Lezley McSpadden, the mother of the late Michael Brown from Ferguson MO, Memphis Lift parents/organizers, and Kevin Powell, author and activist from NJ.

March 2018 – Parent Action Day in Trenton

BEI with the help of partners transported around 500 charter school parents/guardians to the state capital to show their strength and support for charter schools in New Jersey. A breakfast program allowed Assembly Education Chair Pamela Lampitt and republican Senator Declan O’Scanlon to speak about their position on charter schools followed by questions from the attendees. After, a march led by the KIPP schools drumline made its way from the War Memorial to the State House Annex where participants were greeted with speeches from the Senate President Steve Sweeney, Senator Teresa Ruiz and Assemblyman Troy Singleton. Various charter parents were also invited to speak about their experience with their local charter schools to garner attention on the importance of their existence in the neighborhoods and children’s lives.

Parents Engaging Parents (PEP) Podcast

BEI hosts a podcast where listeners are able to call in and discuss controversial topics with experts in certain fields and special guests on the show. Some covered topics thus far include; “Is there a shortage of teachers of color”, “Getting male role models involved in our children’s education”, and “Making parents full partners in education”.

Parent Engagement Meetings

Held at various cities across the state, BEI’s parent advocate, Altorice Frazier, holds meetings for parents to attend and discuss their child’s education and different things they can do to ensure their child receives the best chance at a successful future. So far meetings have been held in Newark, Paterson, and Camden but plan to spread out even more over the coming months/years. If you are interested in joining or know of a city with a number of parents looking to get more involved, please contact us at info@b4njkids.org.