372 Schools Sign Up for Race to the Top Funds

February 24, 2012

TRENTON - The state Education Department on Friday said that 372 public school districts and charter schools have signed up to split the $38 million Race to the Top grant the state received from the federal government.

Half of that money, or about $19 million, will be split among participating districts based on each LEA's relative share of funding under Title I.  The other $19 million will be used by the state to advance the state's education reform agenda.

New Jersey was awarded approximately $38 million in December as part of the US Department of Education's Race to the Top 3 (RTTT3) competition.

As part of its RTTT3 application, New Jersey selected four objectives in line with the administration's education reform agenda:

1.) Development of model curriculum and assessments for all core content subjects to support the adoption of the Common Core State Standards

2.) Development and rollout of an online Instructional Improvement System (IIS) that will serve as a platform for teachers to access the model curriculum and other supports like formative assessments and instructional tools;

3.) Implementation of the state's new teacher evaluation system and the creation of a principal evaluation pilot program;

4.) Expansion of high-quality school options by strengthening the Department's charter authorizing practices