Perth Amboy Capaign Deserves Probe Into Manager, PAC

October 12, 2012

Here we go again — the slapstick routine continues in Perth Amboy’s mayoral race, starring challenger Billy Delgado as head of the stooges.

First, Delgado said he knew nothing about a nasty e-mail his political consultant sent Mayor Wilda Diaz of Perth Amboy that called her “stupid.”

Then, Delgado swore he had nothing to do with a political smear that Photoshops the mayor’s face into pictures with Mitt Romney and Chris Christie, a Face–book montage that looks like it was assembled with Scotch tape.

Now, Delgado is refusing to discuss a shady political action committee headed by his campaign manager, Thomas Hudanish. Election law says independent political action committees such as this one are not supposed to coordinate their spending with the candidate. So we are supposed to believe that Hudanish, the campaign manager, is not coordinating with his own boss.

When asked about this, Hudanish claimed he is no longer involved with the PAC, called “Alliance for Responsible Government,” which makes it hard to explain why he is still listed as its chairman in documents filed with the Election Law Enforcement Commission. He went on to say that it has never spent a penny, although his report said it intends to spend $10,000 this year, and a political ad that ran in a local paper Wednesday states it was paid for by this PAC. Hudanish says that’s a mistake, too.

Delgado seems to think he can hire consultants to light matches and then claim he’s not responsible for the fires. But with this latest stunt, there is good reason to believe the law has been broken, something that ELEC should investigate.

In the meantime, voters can make their own call. If they choose Delgado, there may be no end to this amateur hour in Perth Amboy.